Monday, May 15, 2017

Carson in Wuppertal

A few weekends ago, Carson traveled a few hours away to the town of Wuppertal for a car show. I didn't go with because A. I'm not that interested in cars B. He was supposed to be meeting a friend and C. We'd have to pay for a ticket for me. Due to some train issues and the fact that the friend didn't have service on their phone without the aid of wifi, Carson spent the day alone. 

He said that the car show itself wasn't the most impressive. Several of the cars, to his surprise, were not show cars but cars people drive often, and several of them weren't even that amazing. He still enjoyed walking around checking the cars out though!

After he'd seen all there was to see of the cars, Carson walked around a bit and took pictures of various things around town, before landing at a cafe to do a bit of studying.

After studying for several hours and determining that he probably wouldn't be able to reach our friend to meet up, he headed home. And to clarify, this is not the friend, but Skittles sound pretty tasty to me too.

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