Saturday, February 18, 2017

Zurich Day 2

We got to sleep in just a little bit on our first morning in Zurich. Our hotel had an okay, not great breakfast that we got to enjoy leisurely while talking over our plans for the day. At 9:45, we met our fellow Fulbrighter Jenna at the train station. She lives in Germany on the Swiss-German border in Konstanz, which is about an hour away from Zurich. We walked around and explored the city with her.

We visited the Grossmunster, which is the very same church where Zwingli began the Swiss Reformation 500 years ago. I took a European Reformation class in college and it's fun to visit some of the places where big things happened in history.

We went up the stairs into the tower where we got a fantastic view of the city. The stairs were wooden and creaky and it sort of scared me, especially going down. I don't think the stairs themselves were 500 years old, but they didn't seem up to the task or up to building codes, and I just wasn't a fan.

Twenty thousand dollar watch, anybody?

We took Flixbus for the first time. It ended up being much cheaper than a train between Zurich and Strasbourg and it was quite comfortable. I think I like trains the best because they're faster, but for reasonable distances, this was a good option!
 The bus stopped in Basel so we got to see that city a little bit too. I didn't really get any good pictures of it, but it looked pretty, and it's on the Rhine!

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