Monday, February 20, 2017

Strasbourg Part 2

We will continue with our wanderings around the quaint, beautiful city of Strasbourg. It was lovely in January - I'm sure in the summer this place is just unbelievable. It's hard to choose a favorite place from our trip but this is up there. There were beautiful signs, lovely artwork, adorable houses, and bright spots of color to be seen everywhere. 

We would later eat at this restaurant for dinner - tasty Italian food.

The Notre Dame is not open all day to tourists on Sundays, so we returned to it in the afternoon to see the interior. I was surprised to find that it was free to tour (many churches we've seen charge and this was so large that I expected to have to pay. We did have to pay to visit the tower).

I think Westminster Abbey and La Sagrada Familia top the list of most impressive churches I've seen, but this was a solid third.

We all ruined our appetites for dinner by getting small treats. There were just so many pretty, delicious looking things available. I popped into a bakery and enjoyed a croissant that was absolutely perfect (buttery, flakey, moist, and not a bit sweet).

We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and then went "home" to the apartment, where we took advantage of fast wifi and watched movies on Netflix.

In the morning, Carson, Fern and Danita went out to explore for awhile. There was construction outside, so I didn't get to sleep in, but I enjoyed several hours of quiet before boarding a bus. They visited a few churches and walked over to the UN building. Carson brought me back a giant macaron. I love them and I could have eaten ten more, even though this was massive. My favorite cookies.

It was a rainy day, and our walk to the bus station was chilly and not so pleasant, but we boarded safely and were soon on our way back to Germany. We were bound for Heidelberg, our last stop before seeing our home city for the first time in ten days.

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