Friday, February 10, 2017

Munich Day Two

Our second day in Munich was very full. We began it was a trip to the hotel's breakfast buffet. It was the best breakfast I've experienced at a hotel, and it was included the price of the room. The art extended to this room as well; the walls were covered with art, and while most of the chairs were normal, this table had two funny looking chairs. 

Danita stayed at the hotel a bit to rest up - the night before was the first night she'd gotten any sleep (jet lag is a beast!) so she tried to rest some more and the rest of us went for a walk. We returned to the place we've visited the night before and it was more beautiful and more colorful in the morning. It was also REALLY cold. It's hard to see in the pictures, but there was a some light snow swirling around and it was windy. The temperature high that day was eleven degrees. Fun fun fun.

There are lots of breweries in Munich and we only visited Hofbrauhaus, but I saw a few others.

We made it to Marionplatz at 11am to see the Glockenspiel play. The characters in the green portion up there sort of act out a story. It's a big tourist attraction and though it's a little predictable (they just go round and round and don't sing or anything), it's a fun thing to see. Here is a video.

Danita got her first try of Gluhwein while we waited for the Glockenspiel. It was nice to have a warm drink on a cold day, but I don't think it was the best thing she's ever tasted (it's mulled wine)

We went in St. Peter's Church next. I didn't realize until after I snapped this picture and was summarily stopped by Carson to take another, but there was a man inside holding a little flag that said "no pictures allowed". I'd seen the man and he made eye contact with me, but I honestly didn't see the flag at all. I guess there was a service going on and that's why the cameras weren't allowed.

Navigating on the SBahn

We almost went into the Munich Residenz, but decided to go to Schloss Nymphenburg instead. The former was the city residence for the Bavarian Royalty, and the latter was a summer palace. Well, it's huge. You can see how far part of it stretches in the pictures below, but it's actually more of the shape of three sides of a rectangle. Massive. It's a Baroque palace and it's so fancy and pretty inside. I'm not sure how the Residenz looks inside (I'd love to visit it but we didn't have time for both) but it can't be this pretty, right?


Following the palace, we went to Dachau Concentration Camp. I decided to make that its own post because it felt like a different place from the rest of our trip, so I'll post that tomorrow.

As we waited for the bus outside, the temperature was a windy 13 degrees in Dachau. 

We did a little souvenir shopping and priced cuckoo clocks... I don't think I'll be purchasing a 600€ clock anytime in the near future but I really wanted to!

We decided to have Mexican food for dinner because we'd seen a few Mexican restaurants. Our experience with Mexican food in Germany so far has been pretty terrible so far so I was skeptical, but we went for it... and actually the food was good. It tasted absolutely NOTHING like Mexican food, but it was good. My chicken quesadilla tasted exactly like a chicken pot pie. Potatoes and carrots and no Mexican spices... but it was really tasty!

We watched a stand-up comedian and then went to bed. We had to get up early the next morning to go to Neuschwanstein Castle and then on to Innsbruck. 

The next post though will be about our trip to Dachau.

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