Friday, May 27, 2016

New York Day 3

After our busy day the day before, it was very difficult to get up the next morning. 

We got on our little subway stop and waited quite awhile for the train.

My shoes from the day before rubbed on the bone on the top of my foot, so I wore my Toms. Not the most supportive option, but I could have worn almost anything and it would have hurt. We don't usually walk as much as we did in New York and our feet HURT.

Our first stop was Rockefeller Center. I'd read that it was best to go early to get tickets to go to the Top of the Rock if you wanted to see the sunset up there, so that's what we did. We got tickets for 7:40 that evening.

Our second stop was St Patrick's Cathedral. Isn't it beautiful?

Carson ran into Atlas as we crossed the street to go to the church.

I don't like Clemson, but it was fun to see this bus!

We bought pastries from a street cart. Mine was almond and I did not really enjoy it, but I was hungry so down it went (and then Carson ate half of it).

We went to Tiffany's next. We didn't go inside because obviously we were not going to be purchasing anything at all, but it was fun to see!

I pulled out a squished granola bar from my bag and had "breakfast at Tiffany's". It feels very awkward to stand on a busy street posing with a granola bar, I tell ya what.

Next we walked past the Plaza Hotel. Carson and I watch the Home Alone movies every Christmas and it was fun to see the building where the second one is set. 

I made Carson pose like Kevin from Home Alone. He felt very awkward doing this but no one was around.

See? Uncanny.

Our next stop was Dylan's Candy Bar. I went here with my sister in law and thought Carson would enjoy it. His reaction? "Wow, I think I got a sugar high".

We saw a Sprinkles Cupcakes on our walk back to Central Park and I made us journey down to see it because I'd heard of these cupcake ATMs. We weren't in the mood for cupcakes, but it was fun to look at!

We walked through Central Park next. I had only walked past the zoo once and that's it. It's so amazing that there is a huge park like this in the middle of the city. It's full of so many things to see, and we really didn't do that much because it's SO BIG!

Carson bought me roasted nuts. The last time I was in New York, my sister in law got them and raved and said she gets some every time she's there, but I was super sick and didn't try any, so I finally got to. Amazing.

The bow bridge! This spot was really so pretty. There was someone playing "It's a Wonderful World" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on a ukulele and it just seemed like a scene from a postcard. A couple in a little boat got engaged while we were there but I missed seeing it behind a tree. I was disappointed because seeing someone get engaged is on my bucket list.

It was about this time that we heard people clapping for the engaged couple. I was looking at the ground as we went down a hill and missed it.

Next, we went over to the Bethesda Fountain.

We stopped by the Alice in Wonderland statue next on our way out of the park. We missed out on seeing so much, but in the name of seeing the most of the city, we pressed on.

We passed lots of dog walkers, but these were probably the most impressive. Hope they didn't come across any squirrels.

We next went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Just like every single place we went, there were a LOT of people, and a ton of school groups. I'm guessing there are lots of school groups touring the city all the time, but it seemed that every spot we went had like 15 or more groups of students.

Again, we were there for a short time because we had to move on, so we were mostly in the Greek and Roman section which was Carson's dream come true.

Hello, Socrates.

Howdy, Herodotus.

We'd heard good things about Shake Shack, so we found one that wasn't too far of a walk (although everything felt like a long walk because we were still sore and tired). It was indeed good!

We got on the subway and went to Grand Central Station.

Chrysler Building.

We finished nearly everything on our list for the day after Grand Central Station, but we had the tickets for Top of the Rock and could have gone back to the hotel for a little bit, but decided it wasn't worth the hassle, so we decided to keep with a good trend and continue walking.

It wasn't on the list, but we found that we weren't too far from the United Nations Building, so we walked over there.

There was still a lot of time before we had to go up there, so we camped out in the Rockefeller Building. I found an outlet and charged my phone a little bit by this pillar.

We got there right at 7:40. We took an elevator up one story, where we waited in a line and had to go through a metal detector. Then we had to wait in another line for a photo op with a greenscreen. We didn't want to wait in this line at all, but we had to, while more school groups hammed around in front of the camera. Bleah. And then we waited in another line for the elevator to the top. It took 40 seconds to go up 63 (I think) floors.

It was not a bad view. I was worried we'd missed the sunset but we didn't at all. I wanted to get there to see the view in the daylight, sunset and nighttime, and I think we timed it right. We got up there at about 8pm. 

We caught the subway back to Brooklyn that evening but had a funny little moment. We waited forever for the Q train and Carson checked the train schedules to see if we could grab another one instead. At the last second, he jumped on another train right before the doors were closing, but didn't communicate that to me and suddenly I was watching Carson go past as the train pulled out. About 30 seconds later, the Q train arrived and I got on with a little trepidation. Cell phones don't work very well in the subways so I just hoped I'd remember when to get off when we got to Brooklyn (Carson had the subway app on his phone and just navigated the whole time). Thankfully, when the train doors opened at the next stop, Carson hopped on, and we made sure the rest of the time to communicate when we were getting on and off trains.

We walked a little over 26,000 steps (10.4 miles) this day. Those blisters from the day before got a little worse.

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