Friday, May 13, 2016

Beach Days

We realized that the last time we went to the beach was in December and that we were wearing sweaters then. Before that, we hadn't gone since JUNE! And we live in Florida! Because we're moving to a place where a beach is going to be much further away, we definitely want to take advantage of what we have. We went so much the first summer we were here and then I guess things came up and we traveled and got busy. 

So we recently went to the early service at church and then headed out to St George Island, which is a pretty nice popular white sand beach that's about an hour and a half away. There are closer beaches, but this is probably the closest really pretty beach.

The Saturday after that, we had a busy afternoon planned, so we went to a beach that's a little closer to us, Carabelle Beach. It's a small beach, pretty and not crowded. We got there when it was still pretty cool in the morning and when there weren't so many people there and it was really nice!

Someone is studying for comps, no matter where we go. He studies when we watch TV, when I'm shopping while he sits in the car, and even at the beach. 

(Mostly) empty beach!

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