Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Pictures

We grilled corn. It was good. 

I got Carson this firestarter for the grill (it was a little cheaper in store) and it's made grilling go a little faster. 

We offered to bring dinner to friends in our community group who had a new baby, but I was working all day, so Carson decided to do it. I think it's fair to say that he's better at this thing than I am. He made enchiladas (with a "tester" recipe earlier in the day to make sure the recipe he chose was good) and included salsa, rice and sides. All in an insulated (I think that's what the foil is for) box. Go Carson.

I must say, they were beautiful. 

I got jelly shoes! Thanks to Jillian's link on Zulily, I got these babies. I didn't own jelly shoes as a kid, just used the ones at Grandmama's house. These are fun!

I went out with my coworkers at the beginning of the month (May 4th - a little pre Cinco de Mayo) for a going-away for one of them. It's fun to spend time with them outside work. 

A client had these delivered to someone at work. She was out for the week, so I put them in the vase and we enjoyed them for the afternoon. 

Food Truck Thursday! Carson had Philipino food and I had Greek.

This is that ultrasound I wrote about. 

I went to Maple Street Biscuit Company with a friend. YUM.

I made a chart of all my nail polish.

We had some leftover hamburgers, so I crumbled one up and made spaghetti. The grilled taste was actually pretty good.

Getting rid of things to move is hard, and Carson had a hard time parting with this throw pillow. He's traditionally HATED the amount of throw pillows here, but sentimentality lives in this one. 

I used my friend Christina's wood burner and it was so fun! Carson loved what we made so he took me to Hobby Lobby so we could get our own. These were part of our Mother's Day gifts.

(the back)

Sorting through books to giveaway, sell and pack. 

Digging through dumpsters for boxes for the aforementioned books.

We met our friends Maila and Aaron for dinner one night. They're friends of ours from Spokane who are traveling this summer, raising support to go to Alaska as missionary pilots, and Maila happens to have a second cousin in Tallahassee, so we got to see them, small world! I graduated from Moody with Maila and last time we saw them, four summers ago, Maila was pregnant with their oldest daughter. They now have two little girls who are so cute and sweet, and we enjoyed reconnecting with the Stocks family!

(here's Maila and I at Spring Formal 2012)

Carson asked me to bring him a slushie and a polar pop from the gas station on my way home one evening. They didn't fit well in the cup holder, so I buckled them in the front seat. 

We went to a gender reveal for the first time! It was a Star Wars theme, and they revealed the gender by having a lightsaber fight with a red (for a girl) and blue (for a boy) lightsaber. One of the lightsabers had the batteries taken out to reveal the gender. And it's another girl for the Lollars!

Avocado pasta. Yum. I've been having avocado everything lately. 

We cleaned the car. Noteworthy because it happens so rarely. 

Carson's mom sent us a box full of German food as an anniversary gift to prep us for later this summer. 

So it was half price corndog day at Sonic and we were very hungry at work. My boss stopped by for us and brought this "deposit" through the drive thru at the bank. Not a bad day. 
She wasn't feeling well that day, so we exchanged tissues for corndogs and she returned the box that day.

My hair after it's been blowdried. 

It was a beautiful day when suddenly we heard thunder and it got SUPER rainy with crazy wind. We closed the bank a little early to avoid the storm, but once I got to Florida State to pick Carson up, it was sunny and beautiful and the ground was still dry. Florida is strange.

Carson took his first comprehensive exam! I made his lunch extra encouraging. Unfortunately, there was a computer glitch as he went to submit the document and it deleted all but 7 of his 25 pages. It was never recovered so he had to redo the whole thing the next day. He backed it up in lots of ways as he went the second day, and submitted it without issue, but man, that first day was disheartening. 

Needless to say, Carson was very tired after his test. 

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