Friday, April 22, 2016

Past Easters

I thought a little snapshot of Easters past would be fun! It is a well known fact by now that I love "blasts from the past". Judging from these pictures, I also really like blue and green. 

2010 - Olympia. We were engaged and I remember going to a Good Friday service at Mars Hill church in Olympia, where I was attending with Carson's Aunt Shannon. Carson was in Spokane, I believe, but I don't remember! We don't have a picture for me to remember clearly. His parents got me an Easter basket. 
2011 - Spokane. We had Easter dinner at the Hoch's after church. 
2012 - Spokane. We hosted a potluck lunch with my old college roommates and their husbands... Now-husbands. Erica and Zack were engaged. 
2013 - Cleveland. We had lunch at the Weihrauch's and then came home and dyed eggs. 
2014 - Cleveland. Emily and Jillian were in town and we'd had a great weekend. They left soon after church and then Carson and I grilled at our house.
2015 - Beaufort. We didn't really have a church yet in Tallahassee so we drove up to Beaufort for Easter to see family. This was the first Easter I'd been with family since 2008. 
2016 - Tallahassee. We found a church! We spent the day with good friends - our community group leaders, the Kings. 

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