Monday, April 11, 2016

DIY Ring Holder

Well here's a little project I started working on in October for Christmas presents. It's a little different, but it was fun and easy and not so expensive. I know it's April, but we gave out the last of our gifts in March, so here you go!

I started with plastic dinosaurs (I bought a pack of 12 on, liquid gold leaf (had left over from a project, but I found it in the paint section at a craft store - spray paint or acrylic paint would be great or even better), 4" clay saucers (found in a pack of 6 for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby), acrylic craft paint, and super glue.

Here we have our dinosaur.

And here we have the dinosaur with the gold leaf.

And HERE, we are painting the dinosaur (I did two coats, and you can use gold leaf or acrylic paint. I just used the gold because I had it.).

Isn't he pretty?

Here they are, drying on my paint palate, a paper plate.

And here we have another dinosaur modeling where he's going to live for the rest of his little plastic life.

I used craft paint to cover the clay saucers. I did some white, and some in other colors. They dried very fast, I think because of the clay. 

Then I glued the little feet of my dinosaur to the saucer and tested him out. It's quirky, right? And kind of fun! You could use any animal that has a part to hold a ring. I used a deer for my "deer cousin" Morgan and thought other animals would be fun as well. 

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