Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Pictures

I'm at I fell while closing the shade at work and hit the key in my drawer and ended up with this stunning accessory. It took a few days before the swelling went down and I was left with a huge bruise. 

There was a parade for the Springtime Tallahassee festival in front of our work one Saturday! The bank was dead all day so we walked outside to see the floats lining up.

I made a little birthday outfit for Emily's sweet daughter, Tirzah. 

Note the cat in the window. The upstairs neighbors both have cats and they love to sit and look down on the street, silently judging. 

"I woke up like this"

Aaaaaand a few minutes later, ready for church.

We joined our church! 

Sunday afternoons in the sunshine: finally it feels warm enough to be outside.

Carson is perfecting burger making and the results have been delicious. I prefer ground beef burgers to parties... Juicier and tastier. 

We have a running disagreement about the appropriate way to take off a button-down. This is Carsons way and it stretches out the buttons and drives me nuts! He's agreed to stop this nonsense. 


I... Stole this from the drive-thru somehow and discovered it when it fell out of the back of my cardigan into the seat of the car. I'm impressed by my ability to do that, honestly (I did return it). 

Honesty is the best policy, but I did put a couple hours of laundry in there in the end.

Another Sunday, another day in the friend. 

Someone spent too much time in the sun. My favorite part is the red on his face where he covered his face with a shirt and then burned in the spot it didn't cover. 

I hate socks, Carson loves them. This is one of the weirdest things to me.

Waiting in the doctors office for forever, we got bored and took pictures.  

Found a friend at the grocery store.

Made some cupcakes for my coworkers last day! I bake almost never but these lemon ones came out great (that's lemon zest on the top because I thought it would be nice. 

Studying for comps before bed. Always studying. 

More studying, in a field next to a McDonald's. 

I visited the professor at lunch and tested out his Eno hammock. It was a birthday gift from his parents and he's been saving it to use to study for comps.

Something has been moving around in our chimmney so Carson checked it out and lots of things fell into the fireplace. He saw what looked like a nest and thought he'd killed a baby bird, but it turned out to be a very alive beetle. 

We made this awhile ago and then made it again the other night. Try this recipe: It was creamy and tasty and fast. This is Carsons with tomatoes; mine didn't have any because I'm allergic, but it's prettier with tomatoes. We will try it with zucchini noodles in the spiralizer next time. 

I took Carson's final exam even though I never took the class and I got a not-high grade but still did better than some people who took the class. 

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