Friday, June 13, 2014

Brandywine Falls and Faltinowskis

Zack had never been to Chic-fil-A, so we decided that it would be a good place to meet up for dinner, when he and Erica were in town. When we arrived, there was a girl's softball team having some sort of fundraiser where people would pay a dollar, spin a wheel, and win something. Everyone would win, whether free food or prizes, so Carson and Zack went for it. Zack won free coffee and Carson won a stuffed cow, which was perfect for him. We ate, talked, and had a great time over chicken and ice cream.

Talk shifted to nearby sights, and we found ourselves taking a drive at dusk to see Brandywine Falls. It was easy to get down to the falls, thanks to wooden stairways, so I was fine in my dress and non-outdoorsy shoes. The cow went along for the journey as well.

Not only did we have a lovely time together, but Brandywine Falls was on our bucket list, and it was an item we didn't think we'd have time to check off.

Erica's from a town nearby here and currently lives in Michigan so we've been able to see these two more than any of our other Spokane friends (we were able to see them for their wedding, at Christmas [only picture of that meetup is at the bottom of this post], 4th of July, in Grand Rapids last fall, Christmas again [also no post], and for a week in the spring).

And a blast-from-the-past picture, because there are so many pictures here that why the heck wouldn't I include this? From the year we roomed together and spent every spare second in the sunshine, even skipping class to get our tan on. 

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