Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Scott's Graduation

So, I'm not a great sister. I didn't get to attend my sister's graduation a few years ago because I was wrapping up my semester in Spokane. Not learning from that experience, we didn't make it down for Scott's graduation either. We'd wanted to, I'd taken the time off... and then we decided to move to Florida in June. All our pennies then went to moving costs instead of road trip costs, so we are losers.

Even though we weren't able to watch the graduation, we were able to stream it online. So we heard the speaker, saw the picture slideshow of the graduates, listened to the speeches, and were watching when Scott walked across the stage to get his diploma. Even though we weren't physically present, it was good to be there in spirit. Thank you, world wide web! 

Here are a series of pictures that are A. low quality snapshots of my laptop taken by my phone and B. actual pictures people took and emailed to me. 

Pomp and Circumstance. 99% sure that's Scott.

He was so cute!

Dr. Broggi addressing the class of 2014. I've known lots of these kids since they were babies, so as the camera panned by their faces I'd say "Is that? I think it is! I thought she was 12!" and so on.

Turning the tassels.

The family, minus Thomas (who was actually there and not a loser like we were), Carson and I.

Sunday was his big graduation party. Prior to the party I know that 100 people had RSVPd that they were coming... so needless to say there were plenty there to celebrate Scott. Although perhaps some came just to sample a little David Norman grilled chicken... yum.

Scott with Graceanna, who isn't really but is sort of my niece.

And a father and son picture. Enjoying the cupcakes Mom made.

We wish we could have been there! It seems like it was a great weekend and that we really missed out. I am incredibly thankful though for social media, which made everything seem a little closer (and thankful that soon we will be a little closer).
Congratulations, graduate!

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  1. If it makes you feel better, you witnessed the turning of the tassels, and I did not. I couldn't see that from where I was sitting. But really, you are being too hard on yourself; Scott knows how much you love him.


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