Friday, February 7, 2014

Girl's Night

So Lana was having a birthday... a SECOND 21st birthday. Which might mean that she is now 22, or it might not :) 
Anyway, for this special occasion, we gathered on an atypically rainy evening in Ohio City for dinner. The original plan was to wear our old prom dresses, but we realized soon that very few of us would have held on to things like that, so Lana requested that we wear sequins. Apparently we don't have those either, because most people borrowed sequiny things.

We met at 8, with plans for dinner. Only the restaurant we chose doesn't take reservations on Saturday night so for a group of 9, it was an hour wait. So we went across the street to another place where the wait was 30 minutes. It was a very busy Saturday and we didn't eat until 10:30pm, but all that waiting gave us time to talk. All of these girls are part of our church; most are in our community group, so we know each other, but we don't hang out all the time (but we're working on that). Anyway, the time to talk was great. 

And then we finally sat and we waited some more. Which of course meant that we should take pictures on our phones (and with my camera)

Polly, Danielle, Lana, Deanna

Jen, Danielle, Claire, Malea, me. I missed the lipstick memo.

Cheers to Lana! (and to finally eating)

And a group picture to remember the evening.

  Happy 21st birthday, Lana! 

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