Monday, February 10, 2014

Football and Facepaint and Friends, O My!

We didn't really care either way about the outcome of the Super Bowl. Carson is a 49ers fan, so when they didn't go, he didn't care. But he's from the Seattle area (sort of) and we used to live in Washington, so we chose to root for the Seahawks for that reason, and because they were supposed to be the underdogs. Which, spoiler alert, they weren't. 

But whatever, everyone knows that you watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and the food. 

Carson had to work (big pizza delivery day), but I went to a party. 

Claire added something unique to Super Bowl traditions: face paint. Specifically Crayola children's paint, not real face paint. But I'm sure it's the same thing, right? 
And Lana, a true representative of Cleveland, rooted for the Browns, who might have played better than the Broncos did. 

Food and commercials!

We enjoyed a little halftime face painting. Malea gave Claire artistic freedom, which she regretted immediately.

Malea is in law school, so she got the Scales of Justice painted on her face without knowing what it was. No one gave Claire artistic license after this.

And her reaction.

I have heard that it wasn't a great game, which is evidenced by the score, but truth be told, there was so much talking that I couldn't hear the commercials, let alone the game.

Claire, Lana, Danielle, Malea, me, Deanna.

Now we join with the rest of Cleveland in hoping that the Browns at least make the playoffs next year. You never know!

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