Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Touches of Green

Though it seems far away, Spring is coming! 
Because I have been to a Target recently, I know that most of the nation thinks of little bunnies and nasty Cadbury eggs when they think of Spring, but I don't. I think of sunshine and budding, growing plants. 
I haven't kept a plant alive for, well, ever. My parents are gifted in that area but I completely missed out on the "growing things" gene. I still like the idea of plants in my house, so right now there are plenty of green touches around as a tribute to the coming season. 

On the table, we have this lovely pot of fake grass, purchased three years ago with a Crate and Barrel gift card

And the mantel has green books, fake green plants, a green flower painting and pictures with green in the background (that part was an accident as I just wanted silver frames but it works!)

My dear Brooke bought me these as a hostess gift in December. I've always wanted to grow the real ones, but given my success in that area, these faux succulents fit the bill nicely.

I had a gift card to spend at Bed, Bath and Beyond and spotted this in the clearance section. I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first, but now that it's at home, I really love it. 

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  1. LOVE all the green!! I am taking a stab at some of the real stuff in my house this early Spring :) Your "fake" plants look incredibly real!! very cute :)


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