Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy March

It's the first day of March and I'm so happy. Of course it's not the most beautiful of months, but it's still one of my favorites for several reasons:

- My birthday. I love my birthday.
- Spring will begin! Just knowing that it's springtime, even if it's snowy, is such a joy. The end is near! 
- My brother's birthday! He'll be 18 this year which scares me. 
- St. Patrick's Day (I just like the excuse to wear a lot of green)
- Easter will be celebrated in March this year 

Lots to look forward to this year!

March 18th, 18 years ago. 


  1. Such a cute photo! True confession time: I never liked that sunflower dress.

  2. yay for march birthdays:) miss you lindsay!!


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