Monday, November 5, 2012

My Weekend Plus House Pictures

So, more on that weekend I spent alone recently. Basically, I took pictures and recorded almost every moment because I didn't really talk to anyone the entire time.  

I went to Wal-Mart (for toilet paper and a dowel rod), to Jo-Ann's for their Halloween/Autumn clearance and to the grocery store for food. 

I ate things like this. Those noodles are pumpkin shaped, by the way. I think the shaped ones taste better than the regular ones.

I also ate this, with sprinkles because I love them. The sprinkles were better than the ice cream, because it was mostly just plain chocolate, instead of the nuts and caramel it promised on the carton.

Our organized back entry.

I took this so that you could see the strange colors in this bathroom. Look at those tile colors - gray and terra cotta? I used the bathroom things that we've always had because buying a new shower curtain to "match" this color combo seemed pointless. And those lime green towels are courtesy of my poor taste from my first apartment, when my decor theme was "colors of the rainbow". See here for proof.

 When I painted, I got it on my face and all over my arms and legs. No idea how I accomplished that, or why I decided to kiss my reflection.

It rained all weekend, so I definitely drove to work. A coffee shop in the rain is the perfect place to work.

I worked on Friday. Update on that: I not only know what I'm doing, I'm also getting to be faster at it and I ask fewer questions. Yippee!

My somewhat organized dresser. I wish I were a person who had a nice clean dresser, but since I must have my things accessible, organized works for me. There are bobby pins in that "pearls" container.

I think I took this late at night.

Here's our room right now. I added a lamp on Carson's side after this picture, and our landlord keeps promising to change that window (you can't tell, but it's terrible) and with it the blinds (those are worse) AND the trim upstairs so those are exciting changes we anticipate.

I promise that when I measured, my holes were in the same place. I'm blaming the frames for this one.

I switched out some pictures. Love this shadowbox so much. 

Although we usually use brown or white towels in here, this is the bathroom. Crooked picture and all :)

I love having a mantel! I keep changing it, even though no one ever goes in here to see it, since we still don't have a couch. I bought that sign at Jo-Ann's on super sale and love it - it's tin. On the bottom right here is a basket of children's books people have given me (I guess I could say I collect them) and some I loved as a kid and found on Amazon.

The mantel again, complete with Peter Rabbit books, a coffee-filled hurricane, fake gourds and a clock still on Pacific Standard Time.


  1. The shaped mac-n-cheese does taste soooo much better. I even knew this as a kid. hahaha. I'm with you there! Love all the craftsy things! I love productive weekends like that :)

  2. Love it all! And I really really miss having a mantel.

  3. I love and envy the ceiling in your bedroom. little, cozy and slanted is the best.


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