Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We didn't really do anything for Halloween this year. Sure, I've decorated the house in pumpkins and leaves, lit the orange, fall-themed candles. But I'm not really the kind of person who decorates with fake spiderwebs and creepy tombs on my front yard (neither are our neighbors - whew). I like fall and I like costumes, but don't really get into the holiday all that much. 

But we could dress up at work, and let's be honest - black and khaki get old quickly. So I decided to be Rosie the Riveter. Only one other co-worker dressed up, and his shift ended not that long after mine began. Thankfully, I didn't choose anything too crazy, although red lipstick is still a departure from my usual look. 

I wore a denim-like button up and jeans. I tried to find a red bandanna, but I think that it was another casualty of The Great Move a few months ago, because it wasn't where I'd imagined it would be, so I used a red ribbon instead, which was fine. Oh, and I wore boots.

Here's another picture to give you the effect of the boots. All my non-skinny jeans were't wide enough to go over these things, so these had to do. Now maybe you see why I don't like hiking - I look like a clown.

Oh, and the constant rain we've been having from Hurricane Sandy (yes, it's affecting us even over here) must have caused this fun Halloween "trick!": one of our front closets developed quite the leak. Carson discovered this while looking for an umbrella. This was one of those moments where we're thankful we rent and don't own.

So I worked in my Rosie costume. Only my co-workers gathered that I was dressed up, which was strange to me, since I wasn't wearing black or khaki. Someone thought I was a lumberjack, which really made sense, given the clothes I wore. And then Carson showed up to pick me up from work wearing his favorite hat. He bought it while we were engaged and LOVES it, so it was really the perfect occasion.

And when we got home, we took a couple of self-timer pictures in the kitchen. Not the best backdrop, and I forgot my red lipstick, but oh well!
We usually carve pumpkins on Halloween night, but since I worked, we forgot. If we find some on sale, we plan to carve away, so maybe look forward to that?

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Lindsay,
    This is the cutest post ever!! You looked darling in your outfit and I loved the red lipstick on you!!


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