Monday, November 19, 2012

Morgan's Wedding

The morning of October 20th dawned sunny - and surprisingly chilly for Florida. It was a beautiful day, no humidity in sight, warm but not too warm. Perfect, perfect wedding weather. 
We spent the morning doing our makeup and getting our hair done, watching music videos on YouTube and listening to wedding music on Pandora. 

We got to the church, put our dresses on and took bridesmaid pictures before the ceremony. 

Suddenly, we were marching down the aisle, then watching Morgan walk toward her groom. Then they were Mr and Mrs Colucci, husband and wife! The groom kissed the bride. 

We took pictures after the ceremony before heading out to the reception. 
After a few wrong turns, we made it to where the reception was held, a beautiful site, outside on a horse farm. 
We watched the first dance, the father/daughter dance, and then dinner was served, a tasty buffet meal. We enjoyed it with glass-bottled sodas. Cornhole and Badminton were provided and enjoyed by guests. There was much dancing after the yummy pumpkin cake was cut and enjoyed, and after the bouquet and garter were tossed. 

Morgan and Caleb left after being pelted with lavender. We stayed a little longer after the reception, and then went to get my things from Mark and Pam's, where we ran into the bride and groom grabbing her suitcase for the honeymoon. 

It was a lovely weekend, a lovely wedding, and I am so blessed and happy to have been able to be a part of it.

My brother, Scott, took most of these photos.

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  1. Seriously, Lindsay, could you be any prettier? I am very jealous of your hair. It always looks so good! :)


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