Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Things that I am thankful for this week:

Spring Break. No school till next Wednesday! (I only have class Wednesday-Friday anyway)

A sunshine-y Sunday. We spent the afternoon on the lawn wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts. All of Spokane was dressed for summer. The funny thing? It was 59 degrees. Ah, Washington!

Cups of tea on rainy days. With the exception of Sunday, the weather has been copying Seattle's. So I'm thankful for cozy mornings and afternoons.

Long drives. Carson and I drove to Couer d'Alene for dinner one night last week just because. We had yummy pizza and found a tiny mall that we walked around, laughing and talking. And you probably already knew that I like to talk on long drives....

Great friends. On Saturday evening I joined several friends for a girly movie night and chocolate pie. On Monday, the same lovely ladies and I braved the rain to search for formal dresses. We didn't have much luck with that but the company was great (and I found a dress for graduation).

Impending Graduation. School only has eight weeks left. I graduate in 58 days! And then five days after that, I go on my internship! I'm looking forward to the summer.

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  1. A dress for graduation....hooray!! It's time to start counting down.


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