Monday, March 12, 2012

birthday celebrations

I turned 23 this past Friday. We were in Olympia for Carson's cousin's wedding so it was overshadowed (in a good way) by that event :) 
On Thursday, we spent the day in Seattle with Carson's brother and then the family came over that evening for cupcakes. Carson made Stuffed Shells for my birthday dinner.  

Later that evening, I blew out 23 candles (incredibly difficult on a cupcake stand... my wish won't come true now) 

On my birthday, 
I saved most of the gifts that I got in the mail to open on my actual birthday (except Brooke's... I opened that while Carson was cooking the night before), so that was fun. I'd saved my gifts from Nana and Grandmamma and Granddaddy for that day. I didn't take a picture :(
The rest of the day was not very birthdayish but very fun. I went shopping and ran last minute wedding errands with Savannah (the bride). We went all over and even got our nails done. 
That night, Carson and I attended the rehearsal dinner. 

From Brooke :)
This is skipping the rest of the weekend, but when we got home from Olympia on Sunday night, I opened the three huge packages from Amazon sent by my parents.  Lots of baking things! 

All in all, a pretty great birthday!


  1. Yay! You got it!! It's not the same when your presents don't get hand-wrapped though....sorry about that.


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