Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Family Wedding

As you know by now, we attended Savannah and Jordan's wedding this past Saturday. It was a full weekend, very busy with lots of last-minute things to do, but I think that makes a wedding more fun. The busyness adds to it, somehow. 

Now for pictures.

On Friday night, Carson and I attended the rehearsal dinner. Carson was the officiant for the wedding, so we attended not so much as family but as wedding party. Everyone wore name tags. Ours said "Pastor" and "Wife of Pastor Carson" respectively. They made us laugh because everyone just assumed that he was the pastor of a church. 

This is Savannah, the lovely bride, and me. This was on my birthday... don't I look so much older? ;)

On Saturday, I headed up to Seattle bright and early with Carson's aunt and uncle (the parents of the bride) to help set up for the wedding. I didn't set up one thing, but I did take pictures of the getting ready process...  the bridal party getting ready, chairs and lights being put in exactly the right spot, the rehearsal (the wedding was an hour north of where everyone lives so they did a day-of rehearsal)...
This was the venue: The EM Fine Arts Gallery. It was small but really perfect. An elegant and modern setting for their evening wedding. 

The gorgeous dress

The gorgeous bride

The cake! I walked past the kitchen and someone was just piping away in there... I'm not sure if they were a professional or not, but doesn't it look amazing? The rose petals are sugar.

Last-minute adjustments...

Pretty sure Carson should just buy his very own tux and wear it all the time... don't you agree?

Carson with his aunt Shannon (mother of the bride). Her dress looked very "Jane Austen"

A terrible picture of Savannah's bridal party... loved the mismatched dresses...various shades of gray, with silver shoes.

Jordan and Matthew, the ring bearer

Just before she became a Mrs!

As said before, Carson officiated the wedding. I'd heard his message earlier in the week, but it was even better hearing it during the ceremony. He presented the gospel clearly and it was a very God-honoring ceremony.

Signing the marriage license...

The Bay family at the reception... minus Erin and the girls

First dance

The wedding didn't start till 7:30pm so we left well before the bride and groom to make the hour drive back to Olympia. I know they left with sparklers and I'm sure it was gorgeous. The food was tasty, the cake equally so, and the dancing was fun to watch. We enjoyed the wedding and hope that they are enjoying their first week as husband and wife!

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