Monday, May 26, 2008

things from the past week... the order that they came up after they had finished the uploading process.

The Holy Land Experience in Orlando... one of the only pictures I took that day (the other is of Jillian and Emily kissing a camel). It was fun, good learning experience, brought new light on aspects of the faith and the Old Testament practices. Really enjoyed it... but it was VERY humid and hot.
And this I include only because I thought it was cute. The little mini boxes of cereal that my grandma used to buy... nostalgic... they had them at the hotel in Ocala and I kept one for snackage later.

Emily, Becca and I in the locker room mirror at the YMCA where CBC Ocala is held. I like this picture a lot. The Crossroads Choir performed for the church yesterday and did a great job. It was fun being in the audience and making the people in the choir laugh by making faces... :)

Andrew, Chandra, Me, Brandon... went to the Sea Turtle in Bluffton on Tuesday to see Narnia. Good movie, fun people. I wouldn't compare it to the first Narnia since they're so different but I think I liked this one better...

My cousin Morgan... she lives in Ocala and I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving, probably won't see her till Christmas. Was my best friend and worst enemy before she moved to Florida... she's also a lot taller than me... she's 5'9" or something.

And I hope to post some of my thoughts and things quite soon but I've been busy and haven't had too much time to think lately :)


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