Monday, May 19, 2008

paper pants and life as of late

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I'm exhausted right now yet I wanted to sit down and make a post. I like writing what's been going on because it's so rare that I sit down to write more than a few lines in my journal these days...

For those that don't know this already, I'm going to Spokane! I accepted the acceptance, haha. I sent in my enrollment deposit and found an apartment and roommates already. I'm rooming with Haley (it's going to be nice having someone I know!) and most likely Madeline and Molly, two girls I've never personally met, just met on Facebook. Found a really nice apartment five minutes from the school. I'm so excited about all of that and it's totally God because I had initially told Him that Spokane wasn't for me... I have a hard head and can never just learn my lesson :)

I've been to the beach twice this year: once with Becca B and Taci and once with my Writing Class girls. I tanned (believe it!) the first time and my back got burnt a bit the second... went strawberry picking, went to La Hac [picture up there], watched Enchanted (so cute!) with my W Class. Had Ring Pops with Taci and Becca [picture above], did cartwheels and skipped on the beach - we totally acted like we were five and it was so fun. Both times were so much fun.

Twelve people graduated from CBCCA this weekend. I personally thought it was the best graduation I'd ever been to. I've known most of the people who graduated since we were really little... I don't think there will be another class where I have known every person for several years... it made me a little sad and sentimental because we're all so OLD now. Erik and I discussed it Thursday (I still remember he and Llana coming over and singing to the LarryBoy theme song with Becca and I...) and marveled that from that class numerous people are going to college, one is getting married (still can't believe it) and who knows what will be going on just a year from now... time really flew. *sniff* Oh, and the parties were fun! I went to Christina's and Brandon and Dustin's parties. Had really good food at the DeGuzmans' and good conversation with old friends [look above for picture] and the Mansell kids... and had a lot of just plain old fun at the Twins' party [see picture above and pictures on Facebook].

I finally went to the doctor for my crazy feet! They've had problems since I went to Ukraine in '06. Yep, two years and I finally go to the doctor today. We're on top of it. Like I thought, it was my feet that are the problem, being extremely flat and pronated... I knew that already but since my knowledge of that wasn't curing anything, we finally went to the doctor. Took x-rays of my feet (I had to stand on three books for them to get the x-ray of my foot from the side with all my weight on it). The doctor had me stand and walk and things and he kept saying (and Mom kept repeating... she thought it was so funny), "Very impressive" which meant, "not good"... so I'm going to go to physical therapy next Monday so they can tell me what to do to make the pain in my calves and knees and feet go away... excited about that part. Emily's going to be my accountability and make me do what they tell me to do :)

I also had to wear paper pants which was an experience in itself and actually the reason I wanted to blog. I decided that if Bible college doesn't work out I'll be going into the paper garment designer field - apparently there's a real need. I had a pair, ironically (?) marked small... which I had to hold up as I walked to the radiation room. It was too funny that I had to have Mom take a picture... I look like I have stick legs in the picture and they're far from that... those things were so huge though... someone really needs to go into the paper clothing industry and set these doctors offices straight. So enough about the paper pants...

I'm off to bed.


  1. Your post made me smile, cry, and laugh! Thank you for taking the time to post!
    Love ya!
    and those pants are hilarious!!! see ya tomorrow! :)

  2. He said your feet were "MOST IMPRESSIVE". You don't want to forget that. If you are feeling ordinary and not special, you can cheer yourself up with fact that your feet are most impressive!

  3. Lol. Wow...paper pants business. I would have never guessed...God works in mysterious ways :)


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