Saturday, May 3, 2008

mildly shocked.

I'm accepted!
Okay folks, I was expecting to make this announcement (or one like it) about a month ago. I applied to Moody Bible Institute for the second time earlier this year. I was supposed to hear a response around April 1 but I kept waiting and waiting without hearing a thing. Finally I called the admissions office and apparently they'd forgotten that I was a distance learning student because they'd been waiting on my transcript. So they promised to process the application. That was two and a half weeks ago... I emailed (I'm pretty sure they were getting annoyed with me but it definitely went both ways). I expected a letter earlier this week and guess what? No letter. What a shock, right?
Today I was going to pick Scott and Mini and Daisy up and I thought, "Hm. I don't know if anyone got the mail today"... so I drove to the mailbox and saw two envelopes sitting there, one with the MBI seal thing on it. I sat down in the car and opened it... I saw no "we regret to inform you..." so I scanned the letter for pleasant words. I got surprising words:
"Due to the limited space on the Chicago campus (oh darn)..." well, it turns out that I was accepted, so I didn't lie to you at the beginning. Only thing is, I wasn't accepted to Chicago... think waaay further away. Like oh, Spokane, Washington. Yeah, that's right. Spokane. Washington. Like... the state. Like... the west coast. Like... wow, I'm using the word like way too much.

So I wanted to get that out there, let whoever reads this know what's up. I have to decide by May 16 if this is what I want to do, send a deposit and all that good stuff. Oh, and basically the deal is that I do Spokane for a year, make a 2.0 gpa or higher and transfer to Chicago for the rest of my college stuff. It's not Chicago, but Kristine called me earlier this evening and said, "Well, your goal wasn't to get to Chicago, it was to get accepted to Moody, right?" I'd kinda forgotten about that. Pray for that, pray for my father who dislikes change and got upset on the phone when I told him, pray for me to be really really open to God and pray for... well, just pray, okay? Thanks.

Sooo... I'm accepted. Wow.


  1. Wow! Well, first thing's first... Congratulations on getting accepted!
    Spokane, Washington huh? Clear across the United States. Not a lot of time to make up your mind either. Wow. I'll definitely be praying for you!

  2. I think this is such a wonderful step for you! you've worked so amazingly hard to get to Moody, and you made it! yes, differently than what you expected, but after all the prayer and your faithfulness to wait on the Lord, He answered your prayer! Yay! I'm so proud of you!

  3. Cograts Lindsay! That is so cool to hear!


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