Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Our last day in Greece we were down a man, er - woman. Jenna lives on the border of Germany and Switzerland, so she caught a morning flight to Zurich while the rest of us were still sleeping because our flight wasn't until 5:45. So that morning we packed up our things and headed out to check a few more things off our list.

Our first adventure of the day was to find a place to print our boarding passes. RyanAir charges 40-50 Euro to print the pass for you, so it was worth it walk uphill for many blocks to find Virus Internet Cafe (there's a trustworthy name) to print for us. Though the journey was painful (hills), the walk was pretty.

After we'd printed off our passes, we visited some places we'd missed on the day we went to the Acropolis. Our first stop was the Temple of Olympian Zeus. You can see it from above in some of the pictures we took from the Acropolis on Friday.

An argument ensued between Carson and everyone else about whether these columns were Doric or Corinthian. I was on the winning side, thanks to one of the only things I remember from 8th grade art history with Amy Asnip :) They are Corinthian. 

 We didn't have much time after the temple, so we were going to see some more ruins, but a store sucked us in and before we knew it we were dressing like Greek goddesses. 

 While we were enjoying a bit of our own fun, Carson and Lloyd visited the Temple of Hephaestus and the Stoa of Attalos very quickly before we had to catch the subway back to the apartment.

Trying to find the guys, we rushed their direction, but ended up headed to the Monastiraki station instead so that we made our meet up time.

We met up at an ice cream place, a great ending to our time in Athens. We had gelato every day we were there and I think we had it twice one day.

We went back to the apartment and grabbed the last of our things before heading to the bus. Thanks to some sort of disconnect between the internet and the actual bus schedule, we found ourselves waiting a long time for the bus, and then when one with our number pulled up, they wouldn't let us on and instead drove by. I still don't know why that was, but we finally made it on the X93 bus to the airport.

Lloyd promptly fell asleep on the journey.

Our wait at the airport was uneventful, except I'll say that we wish we'd gotten food before going through security, because that looked better (they were building more food and shopping options at the airport actually, so maybe soon it will be great). The flight itself was uneventful as well, although the views were nice. We flew over the Czech Republic and Poland in addition to other countries, and you could make out mountains and lakes as we flew overhead. 

Thirty minutes after we landed, our first train from the airport to the main train station left, so we parted ways quickly (Jordyn and Jaime had to pick up their other bags from Thalia and then wait several hours for their buses) and headed to the train. We grabbed dinner at Pizza Hut at the Hauptbahnhof and it was delicious. We also lucked out by finding an unclaimed compartment on the train to Hamburg, where we ate our pizza in luxurious silence. Carson and I went on to Munster from there, while Lloyd split off and headed home to Kiel. 

We got to the station at around 1, and I'd fallen asleep on the train and was a zombie so we decided to take a taxi instead. It was so nice, and since we didn't have to walk thirty minutes home and wake ourselves up by walking, we went right to sleep.

After our trip we were exhausted from the walking, the sun, and the little to no sleep, but it was absolutely worth it. Bulgaria with this group was fun, but Greece was even better. I hope there's another trip we're able to squeeze out before we all leave in the summer!

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