Thursday, April 13, 2017

Areopagus and More!

After we came down from the Acropolis, we headed down to the Areopagus. 

It's also called Mars Hill (the Romans named it after Mars, the god of War). This piece of rock is featured in Acts 17 as the place where the Apostle Paul preached. 

Carson read the words aloud to us. You'll remember that he studies Biblical and Classical Greek.

The steps up were a bit dicey.

The last time I was in Athens, our group went to the top and read that passage (it starts in verse 22). So we did that this time as well; sat on the rock, wind whipping through our hair, while Jenna read aloud from the Bible app on her phone. 
"Men of Athens, I perceive that in every way, you are very religious..."


After we'd gone down the steps (we chose the much newer steel steps for the way down, not wanting to risk our lives on the slippery marble ones), we walked over to the Philopappos Hill.

Several times we saw these trails of caterpillars. 

Our first stop was Socrates' Prison. Whether it is true or not, some say that this is where Socrates was imprisoned and died, and thus the name. 

We continued the journey and were soon at the Philopappos Monument at the top of the hill. It seemed like it would take much longer than it actually did to get to the top, and the view was really great. There weren't many people up there at all either. At the top is the marble tomb of Philopappos (so, aptly named, I guess).

Hungry after so much walking and wind, we headed down for a bite and had the best gyros of the trip. These were a whopping 1.80 Euro and the bread was fantastic. We sat near a few old ruins to enjoy lunch.

We couldn't pass up gelato, so we made a stop at this place right across from the New Acropolis Musuem for a scoop. Nearly all of us had the cookies and cream, which was delicious and tasted like cookies and cream should (Germany does not get points for their cookies and cream). I don't remember the name, but it was next to a place that was either called or had Pasta House in the name. 

Since we were there, we made our next stop the New Acropolis Museum. This was one of the best museums I've visited. It's sitting right over some ruins, so the floor is glass so you can see those, and then inside is well designed and really interesting. Carson LOVED this place and really enjoyed telling me what he knew about the things inside.

Looking at models of the Acropolis from centuries past.

The view from the museum was pretty nice too.

You aren't supposed to take pictures in this hall, which I discovered after I heard a guard telling someone else after I'd already put my camera away.

We passed by Hadrian's Gate, built in the first century AD

And passed the Temple of Olympian Zeus. We'd go there on Monday, so that post is coming!

Next was the Panathenaic Stadium!

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