Saturday, November 26, 2016

One Saturday Afternoon

If we send Christmas cards out, we probably won't send but a few, but I really enjoy making a little trip out to take those pictures so we decided to do that recently. We headed to Sudpark for this adventure and got some nice shots! I wish we'd done this a week or two before when the fall colors were really at their peak, as most of the trees are bare and the colorful leaves are all on the ground, but I'm still pretty happy with the way they turned out. 


Carson's a big pastry lover and has been eyeing these cream puffs for ages, so we finally went down and got one. Apparently, it was every bit as wonderful as he'd imagined.

We walked around the lake a little bit on our way home. It's funny how late it can seem just because it gets dark so early here. This was a little before 5pm.

We roasted some potatoes and had a cozy evening of Ratatouille watching to round out the day.

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