Monday, November 7, 2016

Halloween 2016

This was the first year in many years that we didn't dress up for Halloween. I was a little sad about that, but I spent my sad time planning next year's costume, so a number of people got silly "hey, let's be this next year" texts (sorry). I looked looking at everyone's creative costumes on Instagram and Facebook!

Instead of dressing up or doing anything fun, Carson worked but was sick. He did stop by the store on the way home and grabbed some gummy candy so we could indulge in something. By the time he got here though, he was exhausted and spent most of the evening dozing on the couch. I made him dinner and served his gummy snails in a funny way to make him laugh. He was awake, by the way. I made him stay very still and he closed his eyes to avoid the temptation of eating the snails while I carefully placed them around him.

So Halloween itself wasn't so fun, which was fine. But the next day was a holiday (All Saint's Day), so there wasn't a need for Carson to go in to the office work. He did some work from home before taking a break to do some really fun things, like cut his hair and carve a pumpkin.

We picked up this white pumpkin at the market over the weekend and were really excited to carve it. We mean to every year, but this was the first year in several years that we've actually carved the pumpkin we bought. And so better late than never!

I guess we accidentally bought the thickest pumpkin ever, because it took us a long time to hack into it. We nearly gave up and just drew on it with sharpies, but Carson made it work and soon enough we were carving away!

I even made a little time-lapse video of the process. I think they're fun, and this was a good thing to time lapse.

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