Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

We were going to go to the Melting Pot for Valentine's Day, but for all that money? We decided against it. Carson picked another place for us to eat, but before we get there, let's start with gifts.
After church, we headed home and exchanged gifts. First, cards. Carson chose a cat card for me, and I gave him one with a cupcake on it. Perhaps this is because we aren't good card-choosers. 

Then we exchanged gifts. Carson gave me a paper cutter and new scissors, both of which are really handy, and neither of which I'd mentioned to him. It may not be the most romantic gift, but it was definitely thoughtful, and that's romantic, right?

And continuing the trend of "unromantic things that cut", I gave Carson a hand saw, because he didn't have one anymore (and maybe because he'd said that if he had a saw, he could make the coffee table I've wanted to make for awhile). I consulted my 20 year old brother on saw choices and this is the one he had, although he warned me that this was not a good Valentine's Day gift. I disagreed, and thankfully Carson liked it. 

Then we were off! The lighting wasn't great, but here's what we had for pictures together. 

We went to Red Lobster, because Carson was choosing and he loves their biscuits. Trying to beat the Valentine crowd, we skipped lunch and went at about 4pm. This was a good decision, but we still had to wait around to be seated and there was a really long line waiting when we left. 

After dinner, we went home and did laundry and watched Netflix, because while Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the one you love, it's also just another day and it doesn't hurt to do the normal life thing on February 14.

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