Monday, February 29, 2016

Birth-deer Weekend

Morgan and I celebrated our respective 26th and 27th birthdays together on a weekend in February because she was born in January and I was born in March and because that was the only free weekend for months. 

We went to the Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa and then on to IKEA in Tampa. It was a great weekend. One of the best we've had. 

We arrived after work on Friday, just before Morgan and Grayson went to bed. When I walked in the door, he started laughing. It seemed like he was laughing at me, but it was such a cute laugh that I don't mind. He is such a happy baby. 

He wasn't so sure about the glasses thing.

We picked Sydney up in the morning and headed to Tampa. Grayson was properly accessorized for his first trip to the zoo.

It was 67 and sunny, with a little breeze, so it was pleasant but the jackets stayed on. We live in Florida.

We took a "safari" train ride around the zoo and Grayson fell asleep at the end. 

But not before being super charming.

His Aunt Sydney is his favorite.

We got snacks and so here's Carson feeding me a bite of his ICEE like a baby bird. He loves to hold a spoon way above my mouth like this if I ask for a taste. 

I took a picture of my sister in law Erin's favorite animal, the Manatee! 

We got Syd to snap this one as we were getting ready to leave.

Next stop: Baby's first trip to IKEA! 
Carson, Caleb and Sydney weren't thrilled about this stop, but Morgan and I played the birthday card and so we got to go. 

You may remember this, but Carson and I went to IKEA in Atlanta last year for my birthday and I'm thinking that this would make a mighty nice tradition.

Loading all our new things. Carson and I got a coffee table because we've been looking for one, and the white dishes I've planned on getting for months. 

We went to a local pizza place when we got back to Ocala and it was fantastic. Carson and Caleb shared a pizza that looked pretty good, but I think Morgan and I got the best things: she had Chicken Parmesan and I had a baked spaghetti with ricotta. Also meatballs but I gave them to Carson.

Post- dinner, Morgan and I went on what was supposed to be one lap around the neighborhood but turned into seven. I got 14,000 steps that day! After that, we opened our birthday gifts to each other and then the four of us (Grayson was in bed) went out and sat around the fire pit and talked. It was a great evening. 

We went to church the next morning and then Morgan made a tasty lentil soup for lunch. I selflessly played with Grayson while she cooked. He sits up now! And also waves, but no pictures of that. 

We ate outside because it was so nice. 

Carson and Caleb sang Happy Birthday and then we enjoyed our ice cream cake from Publix. Carson was being clever and got trick candles. 

Grayson may have gotten his first taste of whipped cream, and might have enjoyed it a little.

After all that celebrating, it was time to go! Morgan requested one last picture. We have lots of these goodbye pictures now. 

It was such a great weekend and it almost made me want to move to Central Florida so we can have more like it!

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