Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nighttime in Birmingham (Part 3)

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After a day of exploring, it was nice to rest a little. Jillian, Wren, Christina and I ventured to Walmart for a few things while Emily tried to get Tirzah to nap. 
We returned and Wren and I took in the beautiful parking lot view we had from our room. She's only seven months old; she preferred standing and banging on the window to a great view. 

We went to the Vulcan for sunset gazing that night. Carson and I visited this statue on our barely-even-counts stop in Birmingham on our way to Nashville this year (see post here) and since it seems to be a "thing" to see, I thought seeing the sunset from here would be killing two birds with one stone (sunset and seeing this place). 

Not having babies that needed changes and such, Christina and I headed up first because the sun was going fast. There's a landing that overlooks the city, which Carson and I visited before. When we were here in March it was SUPER cold and early morning, so the museum and viewing deck weren't open. This time we were able to enjoy it without our teeth chattering. Quite the opposite; it was a pleasant evening.

We took an elevator up to what I believe to be the scariest viewing deck ever. I'm not really scared of heights, but being able to see the ground far, far below as we stood on a metal platform with slats on it? My hands are sweating as I type this thinking about it. We got used to it, but I'd skip this if heights aren't your thing because I'm certain it's solid, but it gives the illusion of being anything but. We took a foot picture to illustrate, and Wren's little toes made it in which was a very happy accident. 

It wasn't a magnificent sunset, but the view of the city was superb.

Can you believe we got the perfect picture of all of us up here? Everyone was looking! And in the platform looks much wider than it was; it was definitely less than my arm's width all the way around. 

A wedding reception was being held below, so the jazzy music wafted up and made it seem like we were doing something very elegant. 

A mother-daughter shot.

We saw some teenage girls taking this shot, so Jillian and Emily had to make it happen too. I tried to take the picture but couldn't figure out the angle. 

We got down as it was getting darker, so a squish picture of us with the statue wasn't gonna happen. I love this though. Look at Wren's face here and then at the next picture: victory!

Jillian's pick for dinner that night was Melt. It looked really tasty, but for whatever reason I wasn't hungry (or sick... Maybe lunch was just really really filling) so I didn't get anything. 

Christina and Emily got the burger which looked amazing and huge, and Jillian had the 3 Amigos, with chorizo and fried egg. It looked pretty great too. I tried a sampling of fries and they were terrific. I want you to take note of Tirzah here - not nursing, but covered up by a napkin so she could be held by momma like she wanted but not spilled on. 

The tired babies and their mothers went back to the hotel, but Christina and I wanted to see the color tunnels by Railroad Park, so we set off for that adventure. From far away, we were less than impressed, and surprised because in every picture I'd seen, they were actually the colors of the rainbow. That night, it was lit up in pinks, purples and blues. Very pretty, but more impressive in photos (saturation not edited in here) then real life. We're still glad we made this pit stop. We couldn't find an exact address anywhere, so I think it's possible that we missed the "real" one, and there's one out there that is all colorful. This was right next to Railroad Park though.

Railroad Park is right next to a baseball (or maybe softball?) field with this lit-up sign, so we captured that too. 

And then we walked back in the park to see the fountain from the day before lit up  in neon colors. They really like neon lights in Birmingham, I guess.  

Our evening concluded with a late night of talking with Emily and Jillian, before waking up for more adventures on Sunday!

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