Monday, September 14, 2015

Fall Burlap Wreath

Sometimes there are Pinterest products that are more "Pinteresty" than others, and I think burlap wreaths fall into that category. This was the first one I've made, despite wanting to make one for a few years. 

Last year, I was chatting with a coworker about crafting and we planned to make these wreaths together and then of course never did. We discussed this on and off for the last year and finally decided to make wreaths just before football season started (she was making an FSU/Alabama house divided version). I was going to do plain burlap but saw this one and changed my mind.

I'm going to say first of all that DIY isn't always cheaper. I think it is for me most of the time because I often look at the prices of supplies for a project and then decide to make it or not. For this one, I was committed to making it already with some coworkers, and I felt bad saying "I know we've put this off for so long already but now I don't want to do it". 
If you're doing this, know that it isn't the most pricey thing ever, but that you'll have to buy a wire wreath form (cheap) and about 15-20 yards of burlap, which I only found packaged by 5 yards, so that price adds up. I had wire chevron burlap ribbon that I'd purchased at Walmart for another project so that wasn't included in the cost. 

We used a YouTube tutorial for the wreaths, and had to watch it on repeat a number of times before we got the hang of it, but once we did - easy! I don't think I could do this in 15 minutes like the video said, but it really could be a very quick project! 

Three people made three different wreaths, and I think adding flowers was a super cute touch. She also used thinner wire ribbon burlap and a smaller wire form. The wire was a bit of a problem but we all worked on it and teamwork prevailed! 

We made cute wreaths!

It may be in the 90s but we are ready for fall!

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