Thursday, July 9, 2015

June and July

Life has been busy, and my computer is kind of a hassle to use these days, so getting onto it to blog isn't my first priority. Right now I'm writing from my phone, so we shall see how this goes. 

I have a couple of posts I'll actually get on to said computer to write, and I think I'll likely backdate some of them so that things are in order, but for the time being, here's just a random post with bits and pieces of life. 

Let's also hope that things are spelled okay. I've noticed autocorrect isn't always 100% and neither am I.

We'll start off with something that isn't lighthearted. June 11 was the third anniversary of my first miscarriage. I expected the day to be harder than it actually was, but I was mostly reminded of how good the Lord has been in it all. I read this article sort of coincidentally, and it ministered to me so much. Read that right here:

We will move right on to lighthearted: these mustache cutouts were in the bottom of a frozen pizza box we got, and Carson was a good sport for me :)

We went to the beach! Ran into some friends from Tallahassee and got to meet their cute Boston Terrier who was afraid of the waves. It was a pretty day and we went to a new beach that gave us lots of good people watching opportunities.

I went bowling as a work outing, an activity I'm surprised that I actually signed up for and dreaded until the day arrived. My team wasn't the best, but I was pleased to find out that I wasn't the worst out of the whole group, and that no one seemed to care about the score. 

We made pineapple dole whip floats like the ones in Disney World and they were delicious. I've also discovered that I really like drinking pineapple juice out of the can. Pineapple has a lot of digestive benefits (Carson says) and although I'm not sure how good it is for your teeth (it feels so acidic), I'm really liking it!

Fourth of July was spent in Tallahassee. We went to Ocala last year, so this was our first, and we weren't really sure what it was going to be like here. 

We met up with friends from C's program for a picnic at Tom
Brown Park, where the big town celebration and fireworks was going on. It was a good time to hang out with them and we shared our food with the ants.

Overall though, it was a little disappointing. We had a good time, but I didn't really feel like the Capitol city did a great job with the holiday. The fireworks weren't impressive - they didn't go up very high and they lit off of the same types, one after the other and it was more boring than impressive and patriotic. Also, when we chose our picnic spot, we decided to face the big open area where there weren't trees because logically you'd set them off in the spot where people can view them, right? Wrong. We saw fireworks from behind a tree. But it wouldn't have been impressive either way. We will try to make better plans next year!

Hello, unflattering photo! We got a mini trampoline with an anniversary gift card from the Bays, and I'm loving it. I've always loved trampolines, and now I have one inside! I doubt it's the most awesome calorie burner ever but it is a good way to get a little extra cardio in there every day without killing my knees (the jumping hurts way less than running). A win. 

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