Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas, Part Two

"No time like the present", we said the day after Christmas as we tried to decide what to do. We didn't actually say that, but we did decide to go to Charleston just because. Dad had to work and Scott had something going on too, so just Mom, Carson and I went. We left the king and queen at home to do their thing. 

We made a few stops to return things and to look for something at a craft store before going downtown. We browsed King Street, ate at a Mediterranean restaurant, and then split up. Carson went to explore the College of Charleston campus, and took these pictures with his phone (generously edited by Mom on the way home). 

And my old boss from Cleveland lives in Charleston now and works at one of the stores downtown, so I had to stop by and say hello to him! Neither of us miss the Cleveland winters.

 Carson turned into a photographer after that, as we meandered back to the car.

Becca spent the night and we all watched Home Alone together. Here's our "life meets art" shot from the evening.

Oscar the next morning. He despises cold. 

Carson and I had other plans which changed and allowed us to explore downtown Beaufort. I have done this a thousand times in high school and very little of it has changed, but it's always fun to see what's different, what's new, and to show things to Carson. 

Here's what downtown Beaufort looks like. I need to find a map like this but more details for Carson... he gets confused because of how the town is set up - directions don't make sense.

We stopped by to see Dad at work (this was my first real job too!) and they let him go early, so we left Carson to find his own way home while Dad and I went joyriding and then eventually made it home. Carson snapped these of the sky from Dad's work.

We went to church the next morning and I was able to catch up with Jillian, who's only a month or so away from giving birth (not that you can even tell she's pregnant in this picture - why do I have friends like this?).

On our way back, we stopped at a rest area that had a welcome to Florida sign! I was pumped because I'd TRIED to get Carson to stop for a picture by one on our move. He wouldn't because we were driving that huge moving truck (which makes sense, but still). If only I'd have known we didn't have to risk dying on the highway to get that picture. Oh well. Now I have it.

Oh, it was 82 degrees at the moment I took that picture. Who even needs a white Christmas when you've got sunshine and green grass?!

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  1. yay for the lowcountry with its beauty and non-frigid winter tempts! so lovely.
    I always feel special when I make it onto your blog! :-) So glad I got to see you. muah!


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