Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our Weekend with Jillian

I've got some backlog posting to do. We've done things but I just haven't gone through all my pictures or taken the time to blog. Oops!
It's so fun having friends live closer, because it's easier to get them to come for a visit. Jillian only lives a few hours away in Savannah, so I twisted her arm and MADE her come out. Originally, she was going to bring Gary and Graceanna with her, but plans changed and it was a solo trip... looking forward to having the whole family over for a visit soon though! 
Jillian arrived in time for dinner on Thursday night, and we stayed up talking and enjoying time together. The year before either of us were married, we spent a TON of time together, and it was good to have that back. 
On Friday, we went shopping. I had a little money saved for a bedspread and Carson insisted he trusted that Jillian would provide better bedspread guidance than he could, so with his blessing, we searched for house things and were successful!

We didn't take any pictures though until Saturday. We went to the beach! This is the same beach that Carson and I went to last time, and even though it's slightly further than the other one we've visited, this one is prettier. We look forward to exploring even more beaches in the future but this one IS lovely.

Carson had a bad experience this day. Jillian was napping and I was reading, while Carson was playing alone in the water. All of a sudden, he ran up huffing and puffing and sat down, bleeding. Then he ran into the water again. When he came back, he was hopping on one foot. "What happened?" I asked. "I think I was bitten by a tiny shark!" he replied, turning pale and beginning to sweat excessively. Mustering all my medical knowledge, I offered to look at the wound and determined that it was definitely NOT a shark (unless it were the size of a minnow). I had no idea why something so tiny (it was the shape of a V on his ankle, about the size of a bent staple) was hurting him so much, and sort of assuming he was being a baby about it. We sort of decided that a crab pinched him, since no other ideas came to mind. He decided to go up by the rest area and read for a little bit.

Later, an older gentleman approached Jillian and I on the beach and asked what had happened to Carson. We explained that we had no idea, but that he was in a lot of pain. He said that he suspected it was a Stingray that got him. Another guy had apparently exited the water in a similar fashion and rushed off, hopping on one foot. Our informer told us that stingrays poison with their barbs and that it is very painful. He instructed us to put tobacco on it to draw the poison out/make it feel better.
With that information, we set off to find cigarettes.

Just kidding. I looked up what to do online and we set off for a grocery store. We ended up buying tea so that Carson could put a tea bag on the barb site to help it out.

(these pictures are all "before" shots)

On the way out though, we did see some deer.

The pain from a stingray sticks around for about three hours, so when we got back to Tallahassee, Carson agreed that he was okay going to the game. He attended the first FSU home game alone, surrounded by drunk undergrads. FSU played the Citadel that night, and won. Meanwhile, we stayed at home, enjoying a "dinner" of hummus, spinach artichoke dip, veggies and chips. It was delicious, and we watched TV and talked. Very girly. 

Jillian and I picked Carson up after the third quarter and the three of us went to dessert. My roommate Molly had long ago told me about this restaurant called BJs that made "Pizookis", hot, mostly-baked cookie dough with ice cream on top. It sounded delicious, and we discovered that there was one right down the street from our apartment. 
The menu had 3 pizookis for something like $9, so we went for that. Jillian naturally went for the most chocolatey one they offered, Carson chose a traditional chocolate chip with vanilla ice cream, and I went for the cookies and cream. All delicious. 

Hello, humidity.

We visited a new church the next morning, and really enjoyed it and will likely be back (good things!). Stopped by Trader Joe's after church so that Jillian could find a few of her favorites, and had a little photoshoot once we got home.

That evening, we took a long walk around the campus. Carson went for a run, and Jillian and I strolled all over.

This mysterious leaf (see in the middle?) was suspended from a spiderweb all weekend and we thought it was funny. Nothing special.

The next morning, I worked, but Jillian stopped by to say hello on her way out of town, and it happened to be time for my lunch break, so we sat outside while I ate.

It was a fun, relaxing weekend! I'm thankful for my friends and that I now live close to old friends again!

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  1. Yay! :-) love you and am so thankful for your friendship and fun times together!


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