Monday, September 15, 2014

Just some house stuff

Just a post about some house updates. 

While we were living in Spokane, I made some state outlines with little hearts to show where we'd met and married, and those have moved with us twice and are currently hanging on our bedroom wall. I liked those a lot, but thought since we've moved actually quite a lot in our four years of marriage, that I could update the project. So I gathered a couple of cracker boxes (yep. they're just cardboard), acrylic paints I had, and two sets of these little two-in-a-pack frames. I cut out and traced the states onto the cardboard, painted, and made pink hearts. 
I hung them in our guest bedroom and really like them. 
Beaufort, South Carolina - where we were married
Naches and Spokane, Washington, where we first lived when we were married, and where we met and lived for our first two years of marriage, respectively (green, because it's the Evergreen state)
Cleveland, Ohio - 22 months of life were lived here (in Cleveland Indians colors)
Tallahassee, Florida - 5ish years here to come? (in Seminoles colors)

I mentioned in a previous post that Jillian and I were sent on a mission to find bedding and that we were successful, so here's that story and pictures. We made our first stop Goodwill, and had success there. I went over to the bedding and noticed this brown polka dot quilt and shams there for $13. I didn't want brown in my room again, but thought for $13 it would do the job in the interim and then could be used in the guest room, so I bought it.

We then headed to Target, where there were several bedspreads on sale. I couldn't decide between a navy blue one with chambray blue patterns on it, or a colorful one. The colorful one was cheaper though both were under my budget. I went with that one, but held on to the receipt and it turned out that Carson LOVED it, so I threw the receipt away. Here it is, on my poorly-made bed. It came with shams and things too, but I didn't put those on until after the picture.

I've been looking for a nightstand for some time, and was at Ross (love that store) one day when I saw these fun tray tables, meant for TV dinners. I thought to myself that it could work, and it DOES! And yes, there's a bit of pattern competition, but in my defense I bought it when we had a blue bedspread and thought I was going to choose something neutral. I still don't hate it and it's really sturdy and works. It was also much cheaper than the options I'd seen.

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