Thursday, May 22, 2014

Today is our Anniversary

We've been married four years today! I keep wanting to say it's longer because it feels like we've done a lot in just four years. On the other hand... that was four years ago? How did that happen? 

Life hasn't been crazy but it has been quite the adventure for us in the last four years. In a month we'll have moved four times in four years (three different states) so that's something. We've learned that despite the fact that we move around a decent amount, we aren't that adventurous. We've learned that we are both really cheap, particularly when it comes to food. We've learned that walking around the mall on a Friday night and just browsing stores and talking is one of our favorite things (especially when it's cold). 

And just like that, we sound like we're ninety years old. 

Happy fourth anniversary, Carson! I love you!

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