Monday, May 26, 2014

Minnie Mouse Shirts

Given the success of the deer sweatshirts, Morgan and I tried our hand at a more Disney-themed freezer paper craft. 

We grabbed:
tank tops
textile medium and white paint (you could use fabric paint instead)
foam dotters and brushes
glitter (which we didn't use)

We first figured out the right size and placement of our Minnie Mouses by using the iPad as a guide

Then we printed and traced the Minnies onto freezer paper.

We tried them on and figured out the right placement.

Ironed on our stencils and painted away. Mine wasn't fully cotton and because of the dark color it took a lot of coats. It bled a tiny bit around the edges too, but not badly.

Morgan's turned out perfectly.

Then we made bows with grosgrain ribbon. We hot glued the bows to pins, so we can take them off and put them on to wash and wear.

Voila! My shirt. I don't think my Minnie is lopsided... it's the way I'm standing.

Morgan's shirt

And here we are, modeling them very late at night. I forget our height different until I see pictures like this... at least we have matching shirts so people know we're related :)

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