Monday, June 11, 2012

Ukraine, Week One

Hard to believe that we landed in Kiev just over a week ago, and we're already to the end of the Beaufort team's stay in Ukraine. Today, they'll fly off to Paris and leave Chloe and I here alone.
Here are a few pictures taken during this incredibly busy week.

Maxamovicha Church, our home base.

Where I'm staying (it reminds me of a house from Lord of the Rings)

My room (I'll be moving in with Chloe now that the team has left)

Dental clinic - they put in SO much work this week! 11 hour days with virtually no breaks. They got all the kids' teeth cleaned, checked and fixed. It would have cost thousands of dollars and it was about a month's worth of work. Wow, God is good!

I got my teeth cleaned too...

Two friends at the orphanage

Dental team with the completed list of kids

My roomies, Ale and Chloe

The team, both American and Ukrainian, at a barbecue we had Saturday night (plus kids from orphanage)

The light/fountain show we went to at the Roshen candy factory on Saturday - impressive! 

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  1. Thanks for posting these pics! vince, the dentist, eh? thinking of you two while you're apart (yay for skype!)


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