Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Camera!

I was going to title this post New Baby but that would seem really strange given the most recent post here. 
I thought that I should introduce you to the best gift I've ever received - a new camera! 
This was a graduation present from my parents... this is why graduating is worth it. Forget the diploma ;) 


These are a few of the gems I took after it came in the mail:
A mirror picture (note the pile of boxes on the left of the picture - we're packing slowly but surely)

I happened to have cookies in the oven when the box came, so they became photography subjects too.

You can tell that this isn't genuine... but he humored me because I was so excited to take pictures.

I was also making dinner when the box came... this is what we had: world's best mac and cheese

With the world's best (but ugliest) avocado chicken salad. YUM.

I can't get over the focused foreground, blurry background thing. I love it.
 Dinner. I try so hard. Looks like I was feeding a 5 year old - nope, just my 25 year old husband... 

I have some other really exciting pictures of various pieces of furniture, things on the wall... but I decided to spare you and just do these :) 
Loving it and can't wait to learn how to use the manual settings - there are all automatic.


  1. YAY! You got it!!
    i LOVE blurred background pictures, too. And your dinner sounds delicious :)

    Love you and miss spending time with you, Lindsay!!

  2. I got a Canon SLR back in January and love it. I am a photography minor so I've learned so much about how to use it too. it's been a blast!


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