Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas 2017, Part One

We spent Christmas in Maryland, but on the way there, we stopped in South Carolina to see family and exchange gifts. 

On our way out of Tallahassee, we stopped and saw the lights at Dorothy Oven Park. It was daytime, but we still wanted to see them!

Tuck was supposed to be in the backseat, but he decided that behind me was actually the place to be.

Our first stop in Beaufort was to Nana's house, where we enjoyed some tamales.

And Grandmama and Granddaddy stopped by my parents' house on their way to look at Christmas lights, so we got to see them too! (they took this picture but aren't in any)

We exchanged gifts with my parents that evening after dinner.

The next day, we got ready to go, but first my mom wanted a picture with the baby bump. I was 11.5 weeks here and definitely sticking my stomach out.

We headed downtown to meet the Kipes for lunch. We ran into Ms Stephanie, our old writing class teacher, while we were down there!

We went to Plums for lunch, and it was spirited and fun. Also good to catch up!

Jillian is also pregnant and also due in July! I'm due the 10th and she's the 25th, so we had to get a picture together.

Not long after lunch, we hit the road again and headed for Maryland. My seat buddy really enjoyed cuddling on the way up.

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