Friday, October 20, 2017


It was a hot day at the beginning of October, but doing something fall-ish was fun! 

We celebrated the season by walking down to the church that's a couple blocks away and picking pumpkins to carve! We met up with the Kings in the street and walked over together. 

Tuck wasn't remotely interested in the pumpkins, but he loved the sticks and pinecones all around. He'd gotten his cone off just an hour before, so he was enjoying his freedom.

Obviously, the dog was thrilled about this photo op.


We came back to our house and ordered a pizza from Midtown Pies for dinner. After watching Jeopardy (of course), we got to work carving!

I wasn't sure what to carve, so Christina suggested a dog for Tuck. Here's what I drew to carve, and I'm pretty glad that I didn't end up going with that. Thankfully, rubbing alcohol got the Sharpie off, and I carved a face instead that I could pull off better.

A group picture at the end of the night.

 Here they are in all their glory - we have mine, Carson's and Josh's. 

 Unfortunately, the humid air got to our pumpkins only a few days into life. This is a picture of them four days later, right before we tossed them. They didn't age very well, and mine looks horrified at the moldy mess Carson's became.

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