Friday, September 22, 2017

Meet Tuck!!!

Meet the newest member of our family: Tuck!

We've been talking about getting a dog for a while, and before we knew we were moving to Germany, we did a little hunting at the animal shelter. We'd decided to table that discussion until after we returned. Toward the end of our time overseas, we made the decision to start looking again once we'd gotten settled a little bit. 

About a month ago, the local animal shelter ran a promo with a blood drive company and offered free pet adoptions (and a Tervis tumbler!) with any blood donation. Carson donated and we got our "golden ticket" for a future adoption. 

I had a recent Saturday off, so we headed out to look for a pet. I didn't really expect to find one, but after passing about 100 pit bulls at the shelter (why get a pit bull if  you aren't going to keep it???), we spotted a little black and white dog named "Elvis" in the second to last kennel. He didn't seem scared, but we couldn't get a read on his personality, so we found a volunteer and asked to meet him. He had a little snaggletooth that gave him a bit of a snarled look (hence the name Elvis), and seemed pretty mellow despite the super loud pit bulls barking at him as he walked to the meeting area. He was curious and sniffed around and seemed super sweet, but didn't jump on us, bark, or get aggressive at all. We liked him, but we were a little nervous since we weren't meeting him in a neutral environment. We decided to take the plunge anyway, and asked to sign paperwork. 

Ready to go home! He curled right up and fell asleep on my lap.

 We spent that afternoon running out to grab collars, leashes, dog food, and toys. We also spent some time deciding on a new name, since Elvis wasn't our favorite name choice. "Tuxedo", "Tux" for short was tossed around, but we liked the sound of "Tuck" better, and since he was more white than black, Tuxedo didn't make that much sense. I call him Tucker sometimes, but really it's just Tuck. He didn't respond to Elvis anyway, and immediately responded when we called him Tuck.

We walked him around our apartment complex

Let him explore the couch

And risked his opinion of us by giving him a bath. He sat there tolerantly, but didn't love it.

He'd been neutered the day before we got him, and had also just had surgery for a cherry eye on his left eye, which is why it looks red and swollen.

He seems to like us!

And we like him too.

After I went to the gym the next morning, I picked up Tuck and took him to Cascades Park for a walk. He did so well on a leash and around people. We'd been worried that he wouldn't be housebroken or trained at all, but he's really great! I have no idea how he ended up at the shelter because he is so great and it seems like someone really did care about him and trained him well!

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