Sunday, August 13, 2017

Back Home, Pt. 2

Mini hung out with me while I got ready

Carson picked up Shrimp Bowls from Fuji for lunch. Delish. 

Mom and I went out to run some errands and did a little shopping. KMart in Beaufort is about to close and so everything is on sale. We spent awhile in there looking at what they had to offer.

Carson cleaned the pool.

Mom showed Carson a new game.

We enjoyed some more recorded episodes of Jeopardy

I met up with my friend Kristine at Superior Coffee, a place I'd never heard of before! It's super cute inside. She had a latte and I had a really delicious iced tea. It was fun to catch up for the first time in five years - the last time I saw her was when we stopped by where they lived on our way from Washington to Ohio (post here).

We went to my parents' church. After the service, we got to meet Kristine's girls. Klea wasn't into being in the picture, but Lux hopped right into my arms. 

Dad, Carson and I went to Grandmama's for lunch on Sunday afternoon. 

After lunch, we went back to the house. Becca and Thomas were already there for a family get together. We started with a family picture.

Becca and Scott put together a cheese board - on a cutting board because we didn't have a cheese board.  

It was the first sunny day, so once again, we enjoyed some pool time.

Some sibling pictures before dinner.

Grilled chicken, watermelon, corn and other things for dinner.

And then we had birthday cake because Dad's birthday was a few days later. Red velvet, of course.

After he'd blown out the candles, he got a card and then everyone started asking mysterious.

Because Scott had walked Dad's group gift down the stairs and parked it in the entry.

He was surprised, but liked his new bike.

Oscar was sad to see him leave.

It was sunny again, so I spent a lot of time outside enjoying that. Oscar was all too happy to join. We also hopped in the pool for a bit.

We packed up our things and got ready to go, and said our goodbyes. Mini didn't get to go, but I put her in this bag anyway. 

See ya later, Mom!

We did swing by Alvin Ords for lunch on the way out of town.

And then we made our way back to Tallahassee! 

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