Sunday, July 2, 2017

June Pictures

Here are some pictures from things we did in June.

I hung out at Carson's office while he worked. He works from home or from his office, and I usually walk down to meet him, either there or "on the corner by the Deutsche Bank ATMs".

Carson suggested that we get ice cream, and we ended up sharing a pint. Our freezer has totally frozen solid and nothing fits in there, so we had to eat the whole thing. This is probably Carson's favorite flavor, and on this day it was hot and just too creamy, so he ate most of it.

Here's what you wear when you're conducting a Skype interview - business on top, comfy below.

I bought some tasty young Gouda in Amsterdam and enjoyed it with some fruit.

June was a mostly sunny and warm month! We did have to wear jeans or sweatshirts a few times, but for the most part it was warmer than anticipated!

Here we are on the first day of summer, enjoying the backyard and our grill.

Okay, so most places aren't air conditioned, even the grocery store. So even uniformed employees just do what it takes to be comfy.

He was studying. I promise.

We've spent a lot of time in the backyard. My allergies are not loving being out there, but the Vitamin D is nice!

A little wine festival at the base of this church. Seating was tough to find, so we just cruised by and walked somewhere else for dinner.

Enjoying a little Auflauf for dinner

Making dinner with a toaster oven is full of difficulties. On this day, I made a lasagna hybrid in our tiny baking dish, melted the butter for the tops of the biscuits in a bowl on top of the warm oven, then left my main dish to warm on top of the oven while I put the biscuits inside - on a baking sheet of tin foil, since we don't actually have a baking sheet.

Another dinner. Carson made this one - Grilled chicken, tzatziki, veggies, and pita. You really can't go wrong there!

I figured out a way to give a little shape to this dress that's gotten a little too big on me since I've lost weight here... rubber band on the inside.

Have I ever posted about all the recycling/garbage options here? 

You can tell it's not the warmest day outside when this grass is mostly empty (the end of June was not as warm and often rainier and windier than the earlier parts of June). And those cue balls/ping pong balls (they're a sculpture of one of those) are consistently being graffitied on and then painted over. The week before this they were so nice and clean.

Okay, I'm just proud of this. I bought this dress last year and it was a little big, so I took it in under the arms just a little bit. This year, I'd lost enough weight that it needed to be taken in more, but it was a little bunchy, so I was scared to do it, but I cut off a little pizza slice of the excess fabric and made a new seam. I don't have a sewing machine here so I did it by hand which scares me (what if it doesn't hold!?), but I think I did a decent job.

 This is the dress last summer. Definitely a better fit now.

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