Monday, March 20, 2017

A Wedding

As promised, here are pictures from the wedding Carson was a groomsman in a few weeks ago!

While I was having lunch with Lana, Carson was at the venue with the groomsman, taking lots of behind the scenes pictures, and likely posing for a few. There was apparently a learning curve with the bowties, and the groom had to assist in tying a few of them.

I probably mentioned this, but it was around 25 degrees and windy this day. Not a terrific day to be outside taking photos, but what can you do?

During the ceremony, I got the privilege of holding baby Gwen while her dad performed the ceremony and her mom helped her big sister perform her role as flower girl. I rode to the venue and hung out with the other wives of the groomsmen, Patti and Kathy, and sat with them during the ceremony. The three of us did our best to keep a baby from crying during rehearsal (we failed) and the ceremony (success!).

The ceremony was short but meaningful, and soon they were married! The reception took place on the other side of this fireplace, so we all stood around and enjoyed cocktail hour while family pictures were taken following the ceremony.

Little Daisy, the flower girl.

Mr and Mrs Black were announced, and as a part of the head table, we got to be at the front of the line for dinner :)

When I met Megan (at the airport a few days before), she said, "Chris says I'm a foot taller than you!" And I don't know if she's wearing heels here or not (I am), but I'd say she was right! What a beautiful bride!
I wish we'd known Chris and Megan as a couple when we lived in Cleveland, because I really enjoyed the time we spent with them and was sad that we don't get to hang out with them much in the States. We invited them to Germany and to Florida though and so maybe we'll see the Blacks again soon!

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