Monday, December 19, 2016


Carson is thirty years old today!

When I first met this guy, he was 22. He was a Pacific Northwesterner to the core. He loved cold rainy weather and rivers and mountains and the great outdoors so much, but had such a great love for learning as well. He pushed himself and did annoyingly well in school (I say this as his former classmate). He was driven and loved a good challenge more than anything else. Today, he is 30! With all the birthdays that have passed, some things never change. He still loves mountains and rivers and prefers snow or rain to sunshine, still loves adventures, still has big goals, still works ridiculously hard at everything he does. He still has an incredible appetite for learning, and still challenges and pushes me to grow and to get out of my comfort zone every day. Thanks to this guy, we haven't had a boring life and I've lived in parts of the US and traveled to parts of the world I would never have imagined. I'm so thankful for this man and his constant drive to work hard, to press on in life, to strive for the upward call of God in Christ Jesus, and to enjoy the journey. Cheers to three decades of Carson!
Carson insists that he was an ugly baby. I think he was adorable, if a little chubby.

Senior pictures

Engagement pictures. This outfit was his go-to dress outfit, complete with "dress shoes"... he brought those along for nice dinners on our honeymoon.
Backpacking trip to Enchantment Lakes near Leavenworth, Washington
Spokane snow 2011

Checking out John Carroll campus in 2012

Discovered that unheated pools aren't the way to go

Old Sheldon Church. We got engaged here in 2009

Master's Graduation, 2014

Epcot 2015
Visiting Kassel, Germany in September

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