Monday, October 31, 2016

London: Part Three

So many pictures, but maybe too much for one post? So I've broken Tuesday into two. 

From Liberty of London, we wandered down some pretty streets before ending up at Piccadilly Circus. 

We walked from there to Westminster Abbey.

Through Trafalgar Square in the daytime.

There were several big groups gathered to watch the horses do something here (I was too short to see, but Carson got it on video)

A large group was gathered by the police station as well, but I'm not sure why. Nothing appeared to be happening.

Westminster Abbey!

It's always nice when someone asks you to take their picture so you have an excuse to get yours taken as well!

We attended the Evensong service, held at 5pm every day at the Abbey. The service is free, so you save yourself an $18 admission they charge during tourist hours, plus the bonus of being a part of a beautiful service in an amazing place. We arrived early and lined up and if you were to do this too, get there as early as you can - those seats really fill up!

 Carson bought me a macaron at this fancy place.

We decided to have dinner in a pub, because that felt very English to us. Carson had a steak and ale pie, and I had... macaroni and cheese, because I've missed macaroni and cheese!

We went back to Piccadilly Circus just to see it at night! It's like a prettier, smaller Times Square!

National Gallery at night

We'd wanted to have afternoon tea in London, but that time was well passed, so we decided that we'll do that next time, and instead we bought a box.

We'd been out for over 12 hours when we finally made it back on the tube headed toward the hostel. We tossed around the idea of freshening up and heading out to see more, but we'd walked just under 13 miles that day, so rest and sleep won in the end.

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