Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Living Room Update

We rearranged our living room! I was feeling the itch to do something new and so I did - well, we did. Carson had to be the one to move the couch and the dresser because they're super heavy, but I moved everything else around while he was at the store grabbing a Powerball ticket and the last couple ingredients for dinner! 

Here are some panorama shots of the room. I wish I'd taken a good before picture the same way.

The view from the kitchen opening.

Really liking the little bookshelf in here. It might make things too busy in the dining area, but oh well. It declutters the living room area.

The tv is sort of in front of the door, but it's still useable. We have a blanket there because cold air was getting in. And I think the dresser under that busy wall looks a lot less cluttered than the shelf did. 

I'm liking this corner empty again because I can open the window again! I used to have a bookshelf by the couch here and I prefer it in the dining room because it declutters a little. I decided to clutter it up a little with some workout stuff. It will probably hide when we have people over.  

Definitively just took the Christmas things out of these glass containers and left them up. I am not a great mantel-decorator so I'm still brainstorming. 


Here's a history of the living room, for those interested and those who have visited at different times during these little updates: 

This was in the summer of 2014, when we moved in:

This was at Christmas last year. We'd just gotten our tv and there wasn't a spot for it so I made us rearrange the furniture as soon as we walked in the door from our Thanksgiving trip. Carson was surprisingly game. 

Post-Christmas 2014, we painted the dresser and decided that we liked things better with something in the corner where the tree was, so we moved the tv there, where it couldn't mess up our new paint job. 

I re-did the gallery wall on one of Carson's out-of-town conferences this fall. It provides a look at how this side of the room looked with things flipped... Cozy but sort of cluttered with all the books and busy wall. 

And here's Christmas 2015, just a couple of weeks ago. I liked the tree in that corner, although it did block the back door. We moved the rocking chair into the guest room, which I was happy about because I never liked it in the living room in the first place. 

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